Communication And Accountability - Two Keys To Success

  • October 12, 2016

Running a business can pose several challenges.  Scheduling employees, keeping labor costs within budget, managing inventory, assets and company vehicles, training employees and maintaining employee files can all add up to one giant headache.  Oftentimes many of these headaches can be cured by improving communication and accountability.  The right technology can play a key roll in helping you better manage your organization and lead your team.

Time after time we hear from clients that one of the biggest challenges they face in their organization is ensuring consistent communication and accountability.  Communicating information to employees in a timely, effective, and efficient manner can be difficult.  This is especially true in organizations that have multiple shifts, have multiple locations or who have field employees that work away from the office.  Poor communication often leads to lack of accountability and lack of performance.  Whether in regards to an employee’s schedule, an updated policy, a training event, inventory levels or some other aspect of the business good consistent communication is key.

VAIRKKO has tools and features throughout that will help you improve communication and accountability.  For example, our Collaboration Cloud comes loaded with tools that allow you to mass email or text your team.  It also includes our powerful Inbox Messenger, which allows you to securely send information to your staff members that they must read and acknowledge.  VAIRKKO will then track who read the information, when they did it, and more importantly who has not read the information.

VAIRKKO Forms Cloud is purpose built to improve communication.  It allows you to quickly create an unlimited number of forms and the intelligent routing feature ensures that the form gets routed and assigned to the correct people.  Forms Cloud will help eliminate your paper forms and the back and forth emails that to often get forgotten about.

VAIRKKO keeps a log for you as to who was in the system, what they did in the system, and when they did it.  For example, you can see who made changes to the schedule and who withdrew or added supplies into inventory.  VAIRKKO includes several employee self serve areas.  For example, employees can electronically submit training and certifications, availability and time off requests.  These employee portals help ensure that your team can easily send information to their supervisors and managers.  Additionally, VAIRKKO can send you reminders of upcoming deadlines and events.

These features and many more found in VAIRKKO's Cloud products work together to improve communication and accountability while driving efficiency and performance. Give us a call, we would love to hear about your challenges and help you explore ways that VAIRKKO can help.

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