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Boost your Compliance with Certification Tracking Software

Many of the largest organizations in the world are required to employ fully certified and compliant staff members to perform their everyday tasks. These tasks range from working with children, advanced technology, hazardous materials, preparing food and many others. So how do these organizations stay on top of the hundreds, if not thousands of employees and their certifications in which may all expire at different intervals on different dates?

Certification tracking software, like the platform built by VAIRKKO, is the answer.  Visibility into your data is crucial.  By keeping your organization in full compliance you will also lower your organization's risks from costly fines for non-compliance or even litigation. With a powerful tracking system in place, organizations like yours are better organized and have full transparency into which employees are at risk of upcoming expiration that will result in their non-compliance. 

Automatic alerts to both your management team and the individual employee is a must have feature as well and not all training tracking systems are created equal in this area.  Many of them will send daily alerts for every employee. While this sounds fantastic at first this method will send duplicate data day after day and cause your employees and leadership teams to become desensitized to the information being delivered.  The VAIRKKO Certification management system sends digest notifications allowing for a single alert/email to be sent showing both those in danger as well as new records requiring attention by management.

Sometimes compliance is not cut and dry either. In many cases, compliance requires all of “X” number of certifications OR “X” number of those certifications.  This is where many certification tracking platforms fall short. With the powerful Compliance Rules feature found within the VAIRKKO platform your team will have full flexibility and power to configure complex compliance rules for every job type your staff fall into.

With the VAIRKKO Certification Tracking system you will be able to track, monitor, report on and analyze your certifications, trainings, medical exams, tests and licenses quickly and easily from any device including smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops of any type.

Compliance is just a week away; stop babysitting the constantly out of date Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and switch to an automated certification tracking software platform that will have you fully compliant in less than one week.

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