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Ask Me Anything: 8 Answers to Your Training Management Software Questions

There’s no question about the fact that training management software is an essential tool for any business. 

It not only helps us to manage our training operations but also to organize the delivery of our training and optimize multiple aspects of the business. A TMS allows us to control and manage our entire business in one unified, central hub. 

Every organization has some sort of system in place, but depending on which and how it works, we can all most likely benefit immensely from an updated training management software

How does it help? It can aid us in terms of organization, design, maintenance, safety, and even the development of programs—but there’s much more to it.

With that being said, training management software is still a relatively new concept to appear on the market, and with that comes plenty of questions surrounding the topic. From newbies to experienced professionals, there’s always something new to learn. 

We’re here to provide all the answers to any possible TMS questions out there!

Is Training Management Software Really Needed?

To put it simply, yes. 

There are countless companies and organizations across the globe currently using outdated and inefficient systems. Not only does this take up large and unnecessary amounts of time, but it also relies heavily on the use of human manpower.  

A training management software offers numerous benefits, including but not limited to improved visibility, accountability, efficiency, and clarity—all of which result in certainty.

We don’t want to be wasting precious time manually updating spreadsheets or recording data when that can be easily automated in just moments with the correct system in place. A training management system helps our businesses to use our resources more efficiently. 

We often see or hear about companies that have resorted to using various systems such as separate management tools and CRMs—but there is no synchronization to this process. They’re not stored in one place, they’re difficult to manage, and more importantly, costly to link together. If your business currently operates without one, it’s important to ask the question: “Is our current system really working? Is it helping us to excel? Or are we simply scraping by?”

Training management software is essential to avoid problems such as duplicates of data, double bookings, confusion, wasted time, lack of marketing tools, missing tasks, and more. The use of a TMS can provide our businesses with countless benefits and is essential to an efficient organization. 

What Are Some Common Features of Training Management Software?

Training management software offers us a range of innovative and helpful features to make use of across all types of industries. 

Common features that can be expected with the purchase of training management software will help businesses to:

  • Improve Quality: With automated reminders and notifications to help improve data and employee knowledge.
  • Get Audit Ready: With everything stored together in one place, it’s never been so easy to complete an audit. 
  • Track Anything and Everything: Create custom templates and organize data easily and efficiently.
  • Be Mobile Ready: With most training management systems available across all mobile devices, we can benefit from being able to work from anywhere.
  • Access Everything With Ease: A system will allow users to store documents, records, rules, and collections in one place. 
  • Create Detailed Reports: Reports can be created easily for any employee, separated by any category.
  • Import or Export Data Quickly and Efficiently: Stored in one system, data can be moved with just a click. 
  • Automation: Set tasks, set actions, and assign training with ease.  
  • Unlimited Storage: No limits to data stored.
  • … And many more!

Which Is Better: Installable or Web-Based Training Management Software?

A web-based training management software is a far better option to go for. There are no servers to manage, no software to have to constantly upgrade, and a dedicated online team there to support and make improvements when needed. 

A web-based solution is also available to access from anywhere and is a much better fit for the constantly evolving world that we are living in. Online platforms are often favored over computer-based software, and for good reason. 

With online software, we’re able to work from anywhere in the world, there’s no need to travel to access the system, no need for a dedicated space, and is ideal for people working remotely or globally. 

A web-based training management software also saves the company’s money. There’s no need to spend on equipment or travel costs—and users will benefit enormously as a result of it being accessible online. Since the software will be digital, all data can be stored online and accessed with ease. It can also be updated and fixed quickly and automatically for everyone with access and is far more convenient and flexible. 

How Is Training Management Software Priced?

Each and every training management software can vary in terms of pricing. This can take some time to research, as there are usually several different payment plans available for each. Some options are readily available to view, and some which require further contact to provide a quote. 

The most common way that pricing is done, however, is billed by the employee. Depending on the company, we may also be offered a tiered pricing model to accommodate larger organizations. This is done in order to prevent the price from increasing too high as the employee count goes up and up. 

Alternatively, training management software may be priced per person per month on a subscription basis or even as an annual or one-time license fee.

It’s important that we take the time to conduct thorough research to ensure that we’re getting the best deal possible, depending on the business needs and size of the organization. 

What Are the Top 3 Benefits of Training Management Software?

While there are several benefits of training management software, here are the top three.

  • Visibility: A TMS allows visibility into which employees need training, who already has the training, who hasn’t yet received it, and so on. The simple software is easy to use, navigate, and view—a huge benefit to an organization. 
  • Less Risk: Training management software can significantly lower an organization’s liability, possible fines from third-party regulatory agencies (such as OSHA), and lower the risk of employee injuries. 
  • Improved Employee Experience: Not only can training management software help to keep employees safe and well-educated, but it can also improve their morale by offering a clear career path to promotion. 

How Long Does It Typically Take to Set Up a Training Management Software System?

How long it takes to set up a training management software system can vary for every unique organization and for different system options. 

The length of the time frame needed can come down to the company size, general requirements, and several other factors. Typically, however, the process can take anywhere from one week up to 45 days. 

In terms of learning how to use the new system, training management software systems are usually extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. The training can be completed extremely quickly. Staff will also only be required to learn the one system, rather than several as they had been using before. This saves both time and money for future hires!

When Searching for Training Management Software, What Criteria Should I Use to Evaluate the Different Vendors/Solutions?

Choosing the right training management software solution can be a challenge. There are so many options out there that we can struggle at times to choose between them and decide what’s best for our business. There are four main criteria that we’d recommend to follow to find the ideal solution.

  • Reviews: It’s so important to read online reviews about each training management software solution that we encounter. There’s no better way to find out the honest truth than with a real-life customer review of the service to guide us. 
  • Price: As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for!”, and this software isn’t one that you want to skimp on. The cheapest solution on the market is likely not going to be the most beneficial, so further research is essential. 
  • Features: It’s important to find a software solution that includes all of the features that you need and no added extras. The last thing we want to be doing is paying for features that will never be used. 
  • User Experience: When choosing a training management software solution, we need to be sure that the system is accessible, easy to use, and perhaps one that even includes an app that can be used on employee mobile phones. If the system is simple and easy to use, then both staff and leadership alike will make use of it. An overly complicated system is not one to go for!

Does Training Management Software Deliver a Good ROI?

This answer to this question is a definite yes. Training management software will absolutely deliver a good ROI and has so many extra added benefits. 

The software can help you pass potentially costly safety and training audits that otherwise may have been an issue. It can also ensure that staff is fully trained, which will help in winning over new business or contracts for the company. Additionally, it can keep employees safe and educated, which in turn will lower the risk of worker/company liability and will get everyone on the same exact page in terms of employee training and development. 

As a bonus, there’s no need to hire staff as often as was needed in the past, no money will be required for spending on systems such as a CRM (the training management software will take care of this), and staff won’t need to spend time being trained on several systems. 

Combined, this results in improved efficiency across the entire organization and plenty of saved time, energy, and money.

The Ultimate Guide to Training Management Software

Having taken into account the eight responses above, we hope that your knowledge of training management software has been improved and that any questions you may have had are now answered!

A solid training management software solution is an absolute necessity for all organizations, perfect for those who wish to crush their sales targets, move to automated administration, and take advantage of marketing tools.

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